The Mafia TreeS Project v3.0
Description: The last version of this perfect modification uses Mafia engine's maximum. The trees will be no more of low-res textures... Read carefully ReadMe. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: fOWNER
Download (rar): The_Mafia_TreeS_Project_3.0.rar (7,4 MB)
Download (7z): The_Mafia_TreeS_Project_3.0.7z (7,5 MB)

Teleport Mod v2.0
Description: A mod which is in principle an upgrade of Teleport Mod v1.0. Newly you can teleport with car and in the main Little Italy car park you find a few bonuses. More in ReadMe. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Tommyk
Download (rar): Teleport_Mod_v2.0.rar (5,3 MB)
Download (7z): Teleport_Mod_v2.0.7z (5,3 MB)

The Gun Realism Mod
Description: Didn't you like if the enemy wasn't killed after headshot? Now it's possible with this mod in 90% cases.
Author: SgtJoeEnders
Download (rar): The_Gun_Realism_Mod.rar (5,06 kB)
Download (7z): The_Gun_Realism_Mod.7z (2,85 kB)

Free Camera Mod
Description: Next, really majestical, modification from GOLOD55. Free view on the town or on the car, that's what I always dreamed of.
Author: GOLOD55
Size: 1,7 MB
Download: Free_Camera.rar

Teleport Mod v1.0
Description: With this mod you can teleport in City - Daytime (Freeride) between 10 different phone boxes whose position is on the enclosed map. More information in ReadMe. Now available also in EN, DE and FR version. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Tommyk
Size: 2,1 MB
Download: Teleport_Mod_v1.0.rar

Police Mission Mod
Description: The next new mission from Michael. Run through the bylane and kill the boss. But his gangsters will "sweeten" your way to him.
Author: Michal Šafárik
Size: 0,3 MB
Download: Police_Mission_Mod.rar

Party Mod
Description: From Michal again. "Kill the politician," says the quest. But firstly you have to find him, take guns and maybe you'll be dead before you kill the right man.
Author: Michal Šafárik
Size: 1,0 MB
Download: Party_mod.rar

New Mission Mod
Description: Next modification from Michal. Come to save Sarah. I wish you great fun.
Author: Michal Šafárik
Size: 10,8 MB
Download: New_mission_mod.rar

Outcast Mission Mod
Description: If you're not interested in first 20 missions, you can try this new mission - the 21st. Get out of the gallery, get rid of cops, go to... Download and you'll see.
Author: Michal Šafárik
Size: 11,2 MB
Download: Stvanec_Mission_Mod.rar

Priatnia's New Vanilla Cars Acceleration Mod
Description: Makes cars' acceleration more realistic.
Author: Priatnia
Size: 19,3 kB
Download: Priatnia's_New_Vanilla_Cars_Acceleration_Mod.rar

Rear View Mirror Mod
Description: Adds to Lassiter V16 Phaeton a spring-back mirror. What to throw in? Download, it's finery!
Author: GOLOD55
Size: 0,6 MB
Download: Rear_View_Mirror_Mod.rar

The Mafia TreeS Project v2.0
Description: The second part of a beautiful modification The Mafia TreeS Project is here. The trees are much more realistic than in version 1.0 and that's fantastic! Mod is optimised, so it's also for weaker PCs. Copying mod to other websites without author's permission prohibited.
Author: fOWNER
Size: 6,5 MB
Download: The_Mafia_TreeS_Project_2.0.rar

The Airplane Mod v1.0
Description: With this mod you can fly above the Lost Heaven. The plane you find in prototypes in car selection in Freeride and it's controling (in readme) is relatively easy.
Authors: GSTR, ASM, Airplane Mod Team
Size: 10,1 MB
Download: Airplane_Mod_v1.0.rar

Description: You are waking up with pains and having no idea what happened. You learn that you were poisoned by a drug - if you won't have adrenalin, you'll die. You have to seek it not to die in pain... Copying prohibited.
Author: ESAUL
Size: 14,7 MB

Graphics pack
Description: A small modification which improves the game-scene lighting and at high-speed driving the projection blurs. Instalation and launching instructions in READ_ME.
Author: ?
Size: 1,2 MB
Download: GP.rar

Bodyguard Mod v4.44
Description: This mod is solely made for fun in City - Small. You can find here many functions just for the heck of it. Launching instructions in Readme.
Author: Axel Rokus
Size: 8,9 MB
Download: BodyguardMod.rar

Footpath and Road Mod v2.4 "Modern Look"
Description: In this version of the famous modification are textures very, very realistic. The 30's version is produced and very soon it will be out. Now also availible F&RM Updatere which should find out the newest mod version on the web.
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,6 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod_v2.4mdrn.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

Footpath and Road Mod v2.3
Description: Against the older version better motorways.
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,3 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod_v2.3.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

New Hotel Corleone Mod
Description: Edits textures of Hotel Carleone to look like modern ones.
Author: MaRk
Size: 3,6 MB
Download: New_Hotel_Corleone_Mod.rar

Lost Heaven 1932 v1.2
Description: Compared to older version new scripts, characters etc. To learn more, you have to download it. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Pavel
Size: 38,1 MB
Download: The_Lost_Heaven_1932_v1.2.rar

Footpath and Road Mod v2.2
Description: Edits motorways, footpaths and car parks. Textures have better visibility.
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,3 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod_v2.2.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

Footpath and Road Mod v2.1
Description: This time (beyond footpaths and roads) edits also car parks.
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,3 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod_v2.1.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

The Mafia TreeS Project v1.0
Description: In my opinion the best modification for Mafia ever. It changes trees to more elaborated and 2D-trees barriers to 3D. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: fOWNER
Size: 0,6 MB
Download: The_Mafia_TreeS_Project_1.0.rar

Footpath and Road Mod 2
Description: Edits footpaths and motorways again...
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,3 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod_2.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

Little Italy Park Mod 2
Description: The mafin Little Italy car park converts to a small fenced fortress with tens of bodyguards and several specials, for example monster truck. Edits separately City - Daytime adn City - Night. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Mafian2771989
Size: 3,1 MB
Download: Little_Italy_Park_Mod_2.rar

Footpath and Road Mod
Description: The name of this mod says everything.
Author: Don Mafioso
Size: 0,2 MB
Download: Footpath_and_Road_Mod.rar, Footpath_and_Road_Mod_Updater.rar

Lost Heaven 1932 v1.1
Description: This time the mod came back with reinforcement :). There are elements of different mods, more realistic textures of vehicles, sounds and others. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Pavel
Size: 34,2 MB
Download: The_Lost_Heaven_1932_v1.1.rar

Unlimited Draw Distance (optimized for all missions)
Description: This well-known mod changes draw distance in the game to unlimited; edits all missions. Original patch and install instructions by GOLOD55.
Author: Muggy
Size: 67,4 MB
Download: UDD_all.rar

Lost Heaven 1932 v1.0
Description: Adds to the game more than a hundred of free-standing cars and even more interactive characters, scripts etc. Simply makes the city better. Copying mod to other websites without autor's permission prohibited.
Author: Pavel
Size: 6,8 MB
Download: The_Lost_Heaven_1932_v1.0.rar

IGI Script Mod
Description: To any smaller spaces, for example to Salieri's Bar, adds interactive characters (only in 4 missions).
Author: A_E_M
Size: 1,5 MB
Download: Igi_Script_Mod_v1.0.rar

Flocons en LC
Description: A brilliant modification which adds snowfall to the game; very realistic. Like in winter... Probably came out as completion of Schneemod.
Author: Condor
Size: 2,2 MB
Download: Snowflakes_en_lc.rar

CityBars Mod v1.0 & Locomotive
Description: This mod opens interiors, known from missions and any other. For succesful launch of Locomotive you have to have installed CityBars. All open locations are noted in readme which will be after the istallation in Mafia folder.
Authors: GOLOD55, Akay
Size: 16,5 MB
Download: CityBars_&_Locomotive.rar

Schneemod v1.5
Description: Turns thousands of textures to be snow-covered. I must say: SchneeMOD-Team, thanks for your impressive work. Best to play with Flocons en LC mod.
Author: SchneeMOD-Team
Size: 140 MB

Old School Mod v1.1
Description: This mod shows charakters how they looked like in Mafia beta version.
Author: Showfeck
Size: 1,8 MB
Download: Old_school_mod.rar

Mafia Multiplayer Racing Mod
Description: Adds to the game racing all over the city how it was planed in Mafia beta version. Install all *.exe files in rar-archive and then act upon readme. Regrettably multiplayer does not function.
Author: braingib
Size: 1,9 MB
Download: Mafia_Multiplayer_Racing_Mod.rar